Commentary & Comments

So we, in cinematic terms, move in a single jump-cut from the cool cosmic view of earth from outer space to the primitive perspective of humans toiling on it’s surface.

This is a collection of primordial imagery arranged in an almost stained glass treatment. Earthy, sensual, evocative of how nature and the elements collide with the human senses; seeing and amazing sunset, tasting and drinking from nature’s bounty as well as tasting one another, smelling the beauty of this realm, feeling the warmth of, not only fire, but of another human body. And at the center of all this imagery (and, it could be argued, of life itself) is the fecundate image of a woman about to give birth.

The idea of the Earth Mother and the cycle of life is as old as any myth but it really speaks about one prime moving desire; Hunger. Hunger (or love) for food and sex. THAT is what makes the world go around.

These images, stripped away from the complexities of modern life and ubiquitous technology, are intended to encapsulate the primitive and powerful wonderment of what we as a species get to experience while living on earth. If you think about it, it  is a truly amazing that we get to do this. Albeit it is but for a short time until our death.

— SM